Friday, March 5, 2010

Say hello to...In My Element Blog.

I recently discovered Leesha's, In my Element blog after she had left a comment on mine. Although her entire blog isn't necessarily about gf topics, it's very interesting and nicely written. I want to share (and hope she doesn't mind!) one of her interesting articles that I just finished reading called, one/sixth. It's about her road to recovery after 1 month of going gf. Enjoy :P

Monday, March 1, 2010

Say hello to...back in Seoul!

Well, I have officially left Canada, and all the good food that was fed to me. This photo was part of a 3 course meal that my father prepared for me the night before I left: wild salmon with cheddar, asparagus, yam fries, and crispy rice coated shrimp (the main course). Now that I'm back in Seoul and have finally bought a larger oven and a slow cooker, I hope to experiment some more and post some recipes of my own :P